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My semicolon grammar team provides a good example of how a wiki can function as a collaborative space. Anybody who can use a computer can edit a wiki and share their personal knowledge with the world.

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Those of us who teach are all too aware of the difference, but we should not take this for granted in our students.

I used these discussion tabs extensively during our project, mostly to give tips and suggestions to the students. When opening a story with this line, the author is able to instantly set a mood and tone before the story truly begins, giving the reader a sense that the story is already in progress.

Writing process

Incorporate responding to feedback into the grading rubric. I began to take a critical look at successful wikis like Wikipedia and Wikitravel, asking myself what it was about these wikis that allowed them to flourish despite, or perhaps even because of, their openness.

Rhetoric and Composition/The Stages of the Writing Process

While I certainly recognized the potential advantages of this approach, something about the whole affair buzzed and fluttered around my ear like a hungry Platonist. Across discourse communities, what is considered factual may fluctuate across each community. Simply knowing how to write grammatically correct prose is important, but it is not enough, by itself, to make writing effective or persuasive.

Now, however, writing teachers emphasize "recursivity"--moving forward through some steps and then circling back to redo previous steps--as the more natural way that many successful writers work.

Wikis in Plain English is a short movie describing what a wiki is and how it can be used in a collaborative process. Jay David Bolter, Writing Space: The exclusion of this vast majority from participation in this decision is profoundly undemocratic.

First, the wiki would have to be the primary writing activity of the class. For instance, an essay about the American Civil War in general is probably too broad for most college essays.


Most professors have taught collaborative assignments or had collaborative scenarios, which were either team projects or class presentations by two or more students. About Contact Sign In It's time for us to say farewell… Wikispaces was founded in and has since been used by educators, companies and individuals across the globe.

Porter Contrary to some beliefs, this is by no means plagiarism. The fundamental principles that guide a wiki are quick and informal means of editing and collaborating content online, which is why I chose a wiki to use with my classes, particularly for their group work.

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Here is where the true challenge of integrating wikis into the classroom lies, and since it involves the verbal negotiation of authority within a given community, it is clear that this challenge is more rhetorical than technical. Mini research projects in which the wiki serves as documentation of student work Collaborative annotated bibliographies where students add summaries and critiques about course-related readings Compiling a manual or glossary of useful terms or concepts related to the course, or even a guide to a major course concept Maintaining a collection of links where the instructor and students can post, comment, group or classify links relevant to the course Building an online repository of course documents where instructors and students can post relevant documents Creating e-portfolios of student work Wikis work best when individual authorship is less important than the outcome that is created.

Yet, even before that final revision, a group member can go into the wiki and reword, edit, delete, and add whatever she wants. Be more cautious about removing existing content than adding it, and if you are removing more than a few lines it is a good idea to explain why on the talk page.

Collaboration and Learning with Wikis in Post-Secondary Classrooms Joan E. Hughes & Ravi Narayan assignment products. Technical aspects of the wiki tools impacted the two group’s respective in which collaborative wiki writing practices may have meaning and value. Mackey () argued that wikis may function as communities of.

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Writing and editing here is an expression of encyclopedism using an open and free wiki. Wikipedia is a collaborative environment that depends upon communication. The writing process is complicated, and often seems loosely defined.

According to Webster’s, writing is “ the way you use written words to express your ideas or opinions." Although we may think of it as little more than arranging letters and words on a page, a few moments' reflection reveals.

The best wiki assignments are those that take fullest advantage of these traits and that work with, rather than the wikishop approach borrows its model from its own form, the wiki. A class based on writing a collaborative wiki might become a textual network that produces knowledge through writing.

Such a class would by nature be process. The writing process is the series of actions required to produce a coherent written text.

It is a key term in the teaching of writing.

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Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.

Wiki collaborative writing assignment
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