Underhook suplex

A cutter variation also exists. Kneeling facebuster[ edit ] The wrestler grabs the opponent by the head or hair and jumps in the air, landing in a kneeling position and driving the opponent's face into the mat.


Io goes for a swandive move but Kairi hits her mid-jump and hits a diving footstomp while Io is hanging over the top rope. There is a variant where the wrestler does a belly-to-back suplex instead of the conventional suplex.

Dynamite would frequently twist his hips as he took his opponent over so as to add impact to the maneuver. The move is named after the innovator of the original Gory special, Gory Guerrero.

The wrestler keeps his back arched and the hold applied, pinning the opponent's shoulders down to the mat. Moose bites Fallah and tags in Kross.

The attacker then uses their free arm to reach behind the neck of the opponent and take hold of them.

double underhook suplex and...........

In most cases, the opponent is suspended upside-down during part of the move. Moose taunts the crowd and hits Fallah about the face. A Superplex is usually used once per match.

This move is referred to as a backdrop in Japan. Any posts posted seemingly for no reason but to bait, troll, or otherwise antagonize the community can and will be removed at the mods discretion. The facelock is loosened so the opponent can be twisted slightly, then the attacker falls to a sitting position and the victim's back and shoulders are driven into the mat.

Jeff Hardy has began utilizing a variation of this where he releases the hold just prior to the sitout position letting his opponents own momentum to force them down head first.

A cutter variation also exists. Kairi Hojo Big Match Io. Also known as the X-Factor. The Western wrestling term Brainbuster is known as a vertical brainbuster or sheer drop brainbuster in Japan. Capture suplex Edit The attacker stands facing a standing opponent.

Most wrestlers hurt their back area from the Superplex, due to improper usage. This is where the move differs from most of its counterparts with the attacker not falling with the opponent, but rather shifting themselves slightly and throwing their opponent to the mat.

Another variation sees the attacking wrestler turn as they deliver the suplex. Knee drop by Courtney, she picks up Momo but Momo rolls her up for two. The attacker then lifts the opponent into a vertical position, then he falls forward, driving the opponents face into the ground. This move was innovated by Col.

Takeshi Morishima using it as his finisher. The attacker then lifts the opponent up and falls backwards, driving the opponent to the mat on their head. Named after the most famous practitioner of this maneuver, Greco-Roman wrestling legend Alexander Karelin. A sitout version is used by Dean Ambrose as signature move.

The most common belly to back variants are the German suplex and the back suplex. Oct 10,  · Learn how to do a double underhook suplex wrestling move from Monster Factory's "Trademark" Tommy Maclin and "Amazing" Mike Spanos in this Howcast video.

Transcript My name is Pretty Boy Larry Sharp, we're at the Monster Factory, we're now going to demonstrate a double underhook suplex. Feb 27,  · The double underhook just blew me away. The pictures are clear. The editing is great. The TOF is great. The lighting on both is awesome. And the angles are perfecto.

SLAMpeg Su Yung vs Chasyn Rance. Chasyn begins this match tempting fate by questioning the strength of Su in particular and women in general, claiming there's no way the slender brunette could ever defeat him with her 'non-existent muscles'.

University of Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotions. Add to Favorites Remove From Favorites 3 days ago. Wrapping up the year, the students at the University of Jiu Jitsu receive their belt promotions.

Jul 31,  · I think, at one time, I saw a guy use the double underhook, without the suplex as a submission. I remember Mil Mascaras would double underhook the arms and then hook the leg standing as a submission or wear down hold.

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Underhook suplex
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