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A 10 page overview of the laws affecting the possession and sale of alcoholic beverages in Alaska. Later, other Federal laws such as trafficking i Particular emphasis is placed upon the 'LSD controversy' and some of the known side effects of drug usage.

Particularly pertinent to the mandatory testing is that it has established a way of detecting and dealing with the staggering number of employees who have a drug problem.

Teenagers have this problem a lot. An 10 page investigation into the impacts substance abuse has on the abuser and those around him or her. Criminals who complete the process of treatment in prisons must follow the programs of further rehabilitation in communities.

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The thought of legalized drugs puts many people into a panic; for others, however, it represents an end to the senseless efforts put forth by law officials to curb the out-of-control problem.

A 12 page paper that explores present treatments for substance abuse. Urban Affairs-Consumers In the Marketplace: Effects of alcohol on sexual performance as well as the effects of chronic use of alcohol are also discussed.

In its pure form it is a clear substance with little odor. A literature review is included which examines information which supports the notion that the war on drugs has been, and is, failing.

Digestive-system disorders that may be related to heavy drinking include cancer of the mouth, throat, and esophagus, gastritis, ulcers, cirrhosis of the liver, and inflammation of the pancreas.

Inform military members of services available to individuals desiring to overcome their own problems with alcohol and other drug abuse.

The paper is a discussion and comparison of twelve-step programs, individual therapy, family system therapies, and group therapies--but focuses primarily on the synthesis of these treatment programs, which mirrors current practice.

The effects caused by these drugs are visual hallucinations, severe mood swings, loss of sense of smell, and nose bleeds.

An 11 page paper that describes the pre-intervention assessment methods and the facts behind the substance abuse habits of a loving but highly angry year-old boy. The writer is concerned with making the point that the stereotypical image of an underprivileged, ethnic minority abusing drugs is hardly a realistic one.

The past several years have shown a sharp increase in the use of drug testing programs within school districts countrywide. Try Searching By Keyword Instead. He had woken me up many days like this but today Dou This advanced-level,14 page research paper examines the conflicting views in the literature on the effects of prenatal exposure to drugs and reports on an early intervention project in a specific inner-city agency.

It gets you high. The writer discusses the various influences alcohol has on the body, as well as offers some sobering statistics on fatality rates. Our workplaces have also been affected by the menace of drug abuse. Last but not least principle is that different infectious illnesses appear as a result of drug consumption.

If you work day and night but it is still too difficult to reach an excellent level of writing skills, apply to us. Various case examples and relevant data concerning the undesirable effects of continued steroid usage are presented.

The paper concludes that despite the efforts made to combat the problem, drunk driving continues.

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Bibliography lists 21 sources. It is widely know as "RU" throughout North America. A 7 page essay which looks at the prevalence of binge drinking, especially as it occurs on college campuses. Bibliography lists 30 sources in 50 footnotes. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Concern about the abuse of drugs is so most serious problems in today s world, threatening the security and freedom of whole nations. So many people having so many different religions; so many others doing as they feel is right, whether that be considered socially right or wrong.

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A 7 page paper discussing both the health benefits and the health problems associated with regular wine consumption. I knew it had been a diary of teenage girl, Alice, who was a drug addict. Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded flowers and leaves of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa.

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TERM PAPER EXAMPLES & MORE EXAMPLE TERM PAPERS ON DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. "Gateway Drugs": A 5 page paper discussing the use of drugs such as marijuana and alcohol serve as a "gateway" to experimentation or use of "hard" drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

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Drug Wars" is a documentary examining the year history of efforts to control the flow of illegal drugs into the United States and onto the streets of many of its cities.

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