Splash newspaper terms

The first paragraph of a news story, usually containing the most newsworthy part of it. Mobile journalists who use light and portable reporting and communications tools such as mobile camera phones, PDAs and notebook wireless computers to record, edit and transmit their work in text, audio, pictures and video while in the field, without using an office.

Defendent would need to show claims were true, fair comment or an accurate record of parliamentary or court proceedings. Often used to name and describe the person speaking. Websites are new media, newspapers and even television are said to be old media. Sometimes called breaking news.

Infomercials are often presented in documentary style but are, in fact, paid-for advertisements for products or services. Masthead - Main title section and name at the front of a publication. Longer features may be called documentarie.

Paid for advertisements on television. A derogatory description for writing in an opinionated, subjective manner. In broadcasting also called a script. Also called hook or peg. A list of blogs, usually on the front page of a website, the author thinks readers might wish to visit.

A basic type of journalism practiced in democracies in which the journalists do not allow their personal biases to affect their work, they take a neutral stance even on difficult matters and give a fair representation of events and issues.

To lose audio or video signal. In journalism, stories that are told using more than one technology platform, each platform chosen to best tell that part of the story. Also called a proof reader.

Journalism and publishing terms - jargon buster

Leader - An article that shows the opinion of a newspaper. In smaller newsrooms, this is often done by a chief reporter. Also called participatory journalism and networked journalism.

A method by which radio or television presenters - and sometimes guests - can hear the program output as well as messages from colleagues through an ear piece or headphones.

Television news gathering which replaced film couriered back to the newsroom with electronic methods such as video and microwave links to the studio.

Glossary Of Magazine And Newspaper Layout Terms Here’s a glossary of magazine and newspaper layout terms – taken from a variety of sources. (sans) lines perpendicular to the ends of characters. Splash – Main front page story. Standfirst - Lines of text after the headline that gives more information about the article, or about the author.

A splash or splash page is a large, often full-page illustration which opens and introduces a story. It is rarely less than half a page, and occasionally covers two pages. [3] Often designed as a decorative unit, its purpose is to capture the reader's attention, and can be used to establish time, place and mood.

Splash Newspaper Terms. splash Definition from the Newspapers, printing, publishing topic in the Newspapers, printing, publishing topic by Longman Dictionary of you need to know about Newspapers, printing, publishing: words, phrases and nbsp; Glossary of newspaper terms page also called an exclusive, a story obtained by a newspaper to the.

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Splash newspaper terms
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