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Each time an image is opened, these properties are used as instructions for drawing the objects. Class Description Letter homophones Included within this group are abbreviations and acronyms.

PC Glossary

Email Address It identifies the network location to which an email can be delivered. A method of sending short messages also called SMSes, txts, or text messaging between mobile phones and other computer-enabled devices.

Online communities, also known as social networks, where people share information about themselves, music files, photos, etc. From the sound that a sonar systems makes in movies, you know, when they are searching for a submarine. Parallel websites that allow children to get around filtering software and access sites that have been blocked.

The programs typically will track computer use and create numerous pop-up ads. Login PDF -- Portable Document Format A file format designed to enable printing and viewing of documents with all their formatting typefaces, images, layout, etc.

When text, music, voice and video are in digitized, they can be electronically manipulated, preserved and regenerated without degredation of quality at high speed. Periods or exclamation marks may be used repeatedly for emphasis, such as " First, an explanation of HTTP cookies.

Access does not require a desktop computer. However, since Admiral Hopper brought the word into the world of computers as we know it today, this lister gives credit to her.

Hypertext Preprocessor PHP is a programming language used almost exclusively for creating software that is part of a web site. Significantly, this same style of slang creation is also found in non-alphabetical languages [1] as, for example, a form of "e gao" or alternative political discourse.

This software enables multiple users to access the same computer file simultaneously. You might want to know how websites use cookies. Interlaced - A graphics formatting technique that causes an image to gradually appear on your screen instead of appearing all at once. Worms use up the computers resources and pull the system down.

Virtually all Internet protocols are defined in RFC documents.

Glossary of Computer/Internet Terms

Thus, productive linguistic capacity the type of information that can be sent is determined by the preassigned characters on a keyboardand receptive linguistic capacity the type of information that can be seen is determined by the size and configuration of the screen.

See Grass Mud Horse. On the Internet port often refers to a number that is part of a URL, appearing after a colon: Here is a look at the basic Internet terms and the Internet terminology. Supreme Court for a third time. This gradually rendering of the image is helpful for Web users who have slow modems and connections, since this technique allows the viewer to see enough of the image to decide whether or not to continue loading it.

With the help of DNS, domain names can be assigned to Internet users. A government account has a. A computer "firewall" is a barrier between your computer and the outside world.

Internet slang

For fast connections, there is no discernible difference. Probably the most common use of the term on the Internet refers to "mirror sites" which are web sites, or FTP sites that maintain copies of material originated at another location, usually in order to provide more widespread access to the resource.

For example, one site might create a library of software, and 5 other sites might maintain mirrors of that library. Broadband - A high speed internet connection is known as broadband. There are many different types of broadband, but the term is mostly used to distinguish fast connections to the much slower dial-up connections.

List of Internet terms relating to the Internet, the web, and WWW including a full glossary list of hundreds of terms.

The Ultimate Glossary of the Basic Internet Terms and Terminology

Computer terms from the internet category. All Categories. Internet Terms Hardware Terms Software Terms Technical Terms File Formats Bits and Bytes Tech Acronyms. This is a glossary of terms relating to the Internet.

Introduction to Internet Terminology: AVI - (Audio Video Interleaved) A Microsoft Corporation multimedia video format. It uses waveform audio and digital video frames (bitmaps) to compress animation.

A list of questions and answers to explain products and troubleshoot problems. Firewall - The name "firewall" derives from the term for a.

PC Glossary A list of internet terms
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The Ultimate Glossary of the Basic Internet Terms and Terminology